Information in English

Dear visitors,

The grammar school (in the USA – middle school and high school) Bad Leonfelden is happy to welcome you on its homepage. You may find here numerous facts about the curriculum as well as school life.

We kindly ask you to be aware that these pages offered in English do not cover the same content as the German version – nevertheless we do hope that you will find the necessary information corresponding to your expectations.


BORG is the abbreviation of Bundes Oberstufen Real Gymnasium, which is the equivalent of an American High School or British Grammar School. The duration of our studies is 4 years, which means 9th to 12th level of studies. The aim of our school is to prepare students for different fields of study at university – medicine, law, economics or technical studies – and therefore, the school leaving exam grants permission to university or college and polytechnics.

Our school is situated in Bad Leonfelden, a community of Upper Austria, about 30 km north of Linz and only 5 km from the Czech border, which enables us to have numerous cultural as well as linguistic exchanges with our neighbors.


How to get into the BORG? It is rather easy!

First of all, applying is free of fees.

Next, concerning the curriculum, it is sufficient to have completed the first four years of grammar school or secondary modern school which corresponds to elementary school and the beginning of middle school in England or the U.S.

Finally, as for conveniences, we offer a small restaurant for the students in the nearby boarding-school. It is easily accessible next to the school-building. Buses regularly connect the capital, Linz, and other towns and villages, as well as the Czech Republic. The bus service also transports pupils to the Bad Leonfelden school center.


We offer 3 main courses of instruction

  • Natural sciences: specialized in environment and biotechnology, this instruction is based on chemistry, physics, biology and practical studies in the laboratory, offering the opportunity to have direct connection to the professional world: our program covers visits to enterprises, as well as  one week of practical studies.
  • Music: students discover the joy of playing music and can learn to play the guitar, flute, drums or piano or get extensive training in vocals. Concerts or musicals, to which parents and students are warmly welcomed, are organized with the aim of raising the artistic awareness in all of them.
  • Art and media design: consisting of realizing different works with various kinds of resources. Here students can paint, design or sculpt (on stone, wood or ice). Media design: in this programmed, students learn to edit and manipulate photos or videos by using new digital programmers. This experience helps them to realize future job opportunities.

Other activities

Cultural activities such as language competitions in French, English and Spanish, visits to museums or trips abroad (to the Czech neighbors and to Germany, France and Spain) are included in our programmed as well as visits to concerts, theatre or music events. Exhibitions as well as visits to exhibitions are regularly organized.

Sports events also play an important role. Our school participates in different team tournaments – soccer/football, volleyball – and individual sports such as track and field.

The exams

At the end of the school year the final exams take place (Matura) for those students who have successfully passed 4 years. Written tasks as well as oral exams are held in May and June.

After final exams

The graduates may now apply to universities or colleges in a wide variety of fields. The chances of finding a job following graduation are very high as only about 5 per cent of graduates have difficulties in finding an appropriate position.

International contacts and partnerships

Our school regularly participates in European and International projects. We offer the possibility to learn the following languages: French, Spanish, English, Russian, Latin and Czech (according to the student’s interest). Currently, we are involved in several European projects, such as ERASMUS programmes, and we have partnerships with Czech secondary schools in neighboring cities including Budejovice, Krumlov and Kaplice.

We are really interested in partnerships just as we regularly host students from our twin schools who attend the BORG to improve their German. Please do not hesitate to contact us whenever you are interested in mutual agreements.

Finally, please notice that the predominant aim of the headmaster and the pedagogical team is to create high quality contacts between staff and students. We are always at your service if you wish to get into contact with us.

Thanks for visiting this homepage and we hope to see you soon.

Franz Bauer