Wonderful poetry in English

Es freut uns am BORG immer wieder, wenn unsere SchülerInnen uns mit ihren Talenten erfreuen, deswegen möchten wir euch/Ihnen dieses literarisches „Schmankerl“ aus dem Englisch-Unterricht nicht vorenthalten. Die SchülerInnen hatten die Aufgabe, in Gruppen eine Buchpräsentation zu Noughts and Crosses von Malorie Blackman zu halten. Dabei gab es auch einige kreative bzw. herausfordernde Aufgabenstellungen, wie z.B. den Inhalt des Buches in einem Gedicht zusammenzufassen, was die Schülerin Laura Grasböck sensationell bewältigt hat.

Wer nach folgendem Gedicht Lust auf mehr hat, möge auch auf Lauras Homepage http://maximaleschaos.webnode.at vorbeischauen.

From kids to grown ups
From friends to lovers
And somewhere in between
Our families were torn apart
And so were we supposed to be
But the distance and hate
Could never split us
Never ever
Or so we thought
I was happy
And I was scared
To finally go
To school with you
I was scared,
Because I did not care
But everyone else would
That our skin is black
And yours isn’t
Oh of course I should’ve seen it coming
I should’ve been prepared
But I wasn’t, I did not think
Their hatred drove me mad
I am sorry you felt betrayed
An apology
It should have been
I sat down with you at lunch
But your cold glare was like a punch in the face
Metaphorically first
Then actually
As they beat me up behind closed doors
Just because I wanted to show
I still was your friend
But whites and blacks do not mix
They told me while hot blood ran down my face
It was the beginning of an end
And your sister died
And then your father did too
And suddenly our strength
Was measured in how much more pain
We could take
And my anger swell in sync
with my love for you
But life is pain and life is suffering
And things don’t work the way we want them to
We were driven further and further apart
I was gone
And you were too
Sometimes I thought I did
But oh, how could I ever forget you?
Years later, felt like seconds apart
You kissed me forcefully,
I was unbelievably,
I should’ve known
The kidnapping was brilliant
Now you really made it, didn’t you?
But hearts fight minds
And you melted like a candle
I made your heart burn again
We were lit on fire
At 18 years old
I didn’t want to choose between you
And our baby
But I had to, and you did too
I wanted you to hear me,
As you walked into death
I wanted you to know,
My love will never end
Your heart stopped beating,
So hers could start to
So I could name her after you
I promise I will make a difference
I promise I will make a change
I will not give in
Until colors of skin
Will no longer define us

(by Laura Grasböck)

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